Project Lead | HaoChe Hung
Data Analysis, Visualization, Spatial Design | HaoChe Hung
Qualitative Research, Scenario Design | Xin-Yi Xie, Yu-Ming Wu, Chong-En Cen, Hao-Lun Hung

9floor, Taiwan-based Co-Living Brand

Envision the Future of Co-Living

Co-living spaces have become an appealing living option for young generations in recent years. The rising housing price makes urban dwellers harder to own an affordable and comfortable living environment. Moreover, due to the atomistic society structure and the digitization, the younger generation feel more lonely than before. Consequently, the co-living model becomes the alternative solution to previous issues.

This project starts from a collaborative research with the co-living brand “9floor” in Taipei to understand the motivation and the urban lifestyle of current co-living residents.
Building upon the research findings, the design proposal is a prototype that envisions the new future collective living. Through the living combination of different groups of people, their lifestyles and the chemistry between their characteristics, the co-living space could connect not just the members within the interior but the neighborhood, or even the entire city.