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Taipei City, Taiwan

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Taipei Co-living Guidebook Website

In Taipei, where high housing prices have become the new reality, co-living has emerged as a popular housing option for many young people in the metropolitan area. Driven by economic concerns, co-living has developed into a new living style.

The "Taipei Co-living Guidebook" aims to explore various ways of facilitating young people to live together in Taipei. These include suggesting affordable rental housing regions, reimagining co-living scenarios, and engaging in social innovation and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Let's envision the diverse possibilities of co-living!

Sum of affordable housing options per district in Taipei metropolitan area  Matrix of rental per square area vs floor area Map of affordable housing option density by district  SDGs style of co-living scenario(red) vs general co-living scenario(green)  Survey result of housing reference and co-living persona