A project by HaoChe Hung

Intro to Urban Data and Informatics Course Proejct
GSAPP, Columbia U

2021 Fall

New York City

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When New York With No Noise

What would happen when a city has no noise? Would it be a better city to live in?

In New York, a city that never sleeps, everyday there are countless things happening on the street at any time, anywhere. Correspondingly, noises have become part of New Yorkers’ lives. The vehicles’ stereos shout out with the pop music to the crowd, trucks honk all over the street like furious bulls, and people walking out from the party laugh and talk loudly on the sidewalk. All these noises compose the city soundscape.

It goes without saying that New Yorkers would never sit and tolerate. According to the data of the 311 calls, which is available on the city’s OpenData portal, the number of complaint calls for commercial noise is around 40,000 per year. Through exploring this abundant data with a quantitative approach, I hope to gain more understanding of the pattern behind the data and how the trend in commercial noise changes over these years.

Fig 1. Commercial Noise Type

Fig 2. Commercial Noise by Borough

Fig 3. Commercial Noise Type per Hour

Fig 4. The Huge Case Difference Between Lockdown in 2020 and Reopen in 2021

Fig 5. Geographic View of Commercial Noise in NYC, from March to August: 2020 (left) vs 2021 (right)
Fig 6. Commercial Noise Cases Changes Pre-covid and Post-covid